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Healing sessions: monthly sale 70% + off

A variety of alternative healing modalities will be available with a big discounted price, for a special ‘Clinic Day’! Mimi, originally from Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a fully qualified ‘Shamanic Priestess’ and a transformed ‘survivor’…now thriving. She has 25-years’ experience, offering holistic compassionate services for the: soul, heart, body and mind. Normal rate $100 per hour... on sale for 70%+off!

1-Hour sessions = $30
a) Intuitive Tarot Card Reading ~ specializing with love/relationships, career, important decisions to make, existential crisis, spiritual connection.
b) Heart Resonance Energy Healing (similar to reiki) ~ life-force-energy rejuvenation as a channel for ‘Divine Love’, release stress for peace, unblock all chakras for complete flow - with some affectionate touch. Includes: transformational toning with sound healing. (Optional: share a sacred prayer to amplify).

2-Hour Sessions = $50
a) Emotional Counseling ~ relationship challenges, sexual abuse, trauma, core wounding, grief, loss, relocation ungrounding, feeling psychologically stuck. Experience tender loving care for your feelings. Recognize old sabotaging patterns…support to transform them.
b) Ancient Black Pearl Technique ~ bodywork using acupressure points to relax and release old stressful-trauma in the body. Bonus: life-force-energy rejuvenation (bio-energy medicine).

If you can’t make the monthly special 'Clinic Day', sessions are still available for the normal rate in person weekdays, or via Skype/Zoom (except Bodywork). Other options available: alternative health, and life purpose. Feel free to request more information (re: session details, education, testimonials, work experience, etc).

Book your appointment in advance… to secure your spot!

Cuenca Location: close to Plaza de Las Americas/Supermaxi, 'Healing Room' in Las Pencas neighborhood…up on hill, only a few blocks from Ave Las Americas.. Saturday, August, 11th from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Mimi Phoebe: 096 711 4582