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Craniosacral therapy, Reiki healing and tarot reading in Cuenca

Hello Everyone,

My name is Willemijn Welten (31 years, from Holland), and since May, I have lived in Cuenca. I really love Cuenca, and decided to stay. I work as a craniosacral therapist, reiki healer, yoga teacher and tarot reader.

I would love to let you know what I can offer you in August:

Cranio Sacral therapy: $30
Reiki Healing: $25
Reiki & Tarot Reading (90 min): $45
Cranio Sacral Therapy & Tarot Reading: $50
Tarot Reading: $30

* Benefits of the different treatments *
The treatments can help on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. The energy can help you when you:

- experience stress and are in need of relaxation
- have physical complaints such as headaches, pain in your belly/back or muscle pain
- specific diseases where the cause is unknown
- are tired and can use some energy
- have too much energy, and want to cool down
- want to grow spiritually
- experience mood swings and want to feel more peace
- feel like energy is not flowing, and want to open blocked chakra’s
- need answers to specific questions

I would love to invite you to come and experience a treatment.

If you have any specific questions, or want to make an appointment please can contact me via:
* W:
* E:
* F:

Mariscal Lamar 17-19 (on the corner with Miguel Heredia).

Willemijn Welten