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Bodhi Burgers, Report 19

I want to start by discussing frying oil. We are firm believers in the use of natural oils like chicken schmaltz. The alternative which is in general use is vegetable oil of various types. Do your own research, but from my perspective have done many, many hours of research, vegetable oils are highly chemical-ized processed products which are not a natural food product. The final chemical keeps the oil a lighter color longer and the food fried in it is also finished out with a lighter shade.
So, while our fries come out a lovely natural golden brown and the oil is also generally darker I am convinced that natural oils like, chicken schmaltz and ghee (clarified butter which we make and sell) is the healthiest and best tasting option on the market. Rest assured while our fries come out a lovely golden brown this is a natural result of using natural oils. We do change out our oil 1-2 times a week and monitor it closely, so the color is not due to the oil being over used. The flavor of our fries is outstanding and that is the final arbiter in the end as to whether the oil is good. Enough of the science lesson.

Did I mention our new Mora (cross between black berry and raspberry) milk shakes? Or the mango or the banana? Have you ever had a piece of banana flavored candy that tasted more like banana than a banana? Well that is the way our all natural banana milk shakes taste. The most banana intense flavor I have ever tasted!
Also, don't forget, if you want a small light meal, our Almuerzo meal for $3.50 includes a baby Bodhi Burger, Fries small drink and a side salad with our homemade peanut vinaigrette. Many of you used to purchase my Thai peanut vinaigrette dressing. This is a variation on that dressing and is now for sale as well for $7 a 480 gram jar. Call in in advance to confirm we have plenty to sell or show up 12-6 PM Mon-Fri and I will be there to make some more on the spot if needed. We are open till 11p PM of course but I leave after 6 PM.

Chili Cheese dogs with our homemade chili. Sauerkraut dogs with our homemade sauerkraut. A dog with a real casing so each bite has that lovely snap. Got Chili Cheese fries? We do!

After, one year of tinkering, I really don't think we will be doing anything more to the ice cream because, it’s absolutely perfect. Currently we feature, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Strawberry. To get the fruit flavors you need to order a milk shake and we augment our vanilla shake with the different fruit flavors.

We are still offering our homemade olive oil mayonnaise at our new reduced price of $7. You can also pick that and our ghee up at Tienda Nectar on Benigno Malo y Gaspar San Garima.

Lastly, burgers, onion rings, fries, shakes, chicken burgers, fish burgers too! 7 days a week. Monday – Saturday, Noon until 11 PM. Sundays, Noon till 9 PM.

Bodhi Burgers, Gourmet Fast food.

PS: We deliver too!

Now, Mariscal Sucre 17-80

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381