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Waldorf School, veil painting technique watercolor course for youth

Few spots are left.

Watercolor Painting: Out of Color, the Self Emerges

During this three-session class (Mondays, July 16th, 23rd, and 30th; 10 AM to noon) Michael Pinchera, a Waldorf educator and artist, will teach a watercolor technique designed to guide teenagers through a creative process that prepares them for growing up.

The developmental task most important during adolescence is that of defining a self—a self who is responsible for his or her own actions, who is able to make moral decisions, think independently, find meaning, and build purpose in their lives. This process that Carl Jung called individuation, requires a kind of creative gymnastics for kids. Thus, the tradition of Waldorf education helps children build the creative muscles necessary for this task, using an art curriculum that teaches, among other techniques, one called “veil painting,” a watercolor method that enables kids to see and develop images that emerge out of overlapping or “veils” of color, a process not unlike the developmental skill most important during this stage of life.

During this class, Michael Pinchera will begin to guide your child through this process, teaching a technique designed to give kids a creative tool they need to negotiate growing up. Your child may not recognize consciously that this is happening, but this class will begin to facilitate that eventuality, one that is inherent, as well, in the creative process. This class is a chance for your child to experience the brilliance of Waldorf education, in Cuenca, and at a price too affordable to pass up--$15 per session, plus a $6 supply fee per session, for a total of $63. Students must enroll for the entire sequence.

Let your kid spend her summer holiday at idiomART (Manuel Vega 5-92 and Juan Jaramillo), having fun, while, at the same time, learning the most important of life’s creative skills, how to be a self—a human being who develops empathy and intuits what will be meaningful for him or her, both now and in the future.

This class is for adolescents age 12-18.

idiomART studio is located at 5-92 Manuel Vega y Juan Jaramillo. Dates: Mondays, July 16th, 23rd, and 30th, Time: 10 AM to noon