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Recommendation for Café D Maria, Cafe

I finally had the chance to visit Cafe D Maria which replaced Sandra’s Cafe Puro located alongside Iglesia de Todos Santos on Calle Larga. The view and the relaxing atmosphere are still the same. You can still hear the Tomebamba from the terrace, too. The starlings and loros still fly about the cafe like acrobats often chattering to one another. Yep, still a little slice of paradise. So what’s changed? Rose came to Cuenca to live with her husband, a biologist, who is working in Ecuador as a water conservationist. She trained in the culinary arts at school in Venezuela, so both she and her husband were professionals while living in her home town of Merida. Her ‘tent’ is twice the size of the one used for Cafe Puro, and it’s green with lighting for night. The hours of business are 11am to 8/9pm open Monday thru Friday. Of course, Rose offers coffee and other beverages as well as a variety of food items at very reasonable prices. The hot chocolate is still satisfying and tasty. During my delightful conversation with this young lady of 30 years, she told me she will soon be offering her cake of the day. Expect to enjoy chocolate, carrot and banana cakes in the future. Rose cooks from the heart, so even though the other food items are not made by her directly (just freshly prepared), her cakes will be. Rose said she uses only natural ingredients and that the cake recipes are her own creation due to her culinary training. Looking forward to having some. When Rose’s Facebook page is in full swing (search Cafe D Maria Cuenca), she’ll have more news about the cafe and its offerings as well as cake of the day items.

So, I know where I’m going to spend some relaxing downtime enjoying the beautiful view from the terrace alongside Todos Santos, listening to the Tomebamba babble away with the starlings and loros chattering above while sipping my hot chocolate and enjoying my piece of cake for the day ... yes, Cafe D Maria. If you’d like to do the same, come visit this cozy, little cafe and say hello to Rose. You’ll be happy you did.

Address: Terrace alongside Todos Santos on Calle Larga near The Broken Bridge

Contact information:  098 237 3714

Recommended by Lynn J: