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Humane protection from aggressive/rabid dogs

It is heartbreaking, all of the street dogs in Cuenca. And, nerve wracking when running into one that is aggressive - heck that's not even just the street dogs... sometimes a loose neighbors' dog. I have a device for sale that wards them off, without using any weapons or sprays or anything that might hurt the dog. It is a sound frequency device designed to emit an undesirable audio frequency that will make that aggressive dog run away. It's called a Dog Dazer 2, you can look it up on Amazon as well for more details if desired. Fits in your pocket, handbag or clips to your waist. It's simple, you just press the button on it to emit the audio transmission and ward the dog off. This device is brand new and I'm selling it for the price relative to what you might find on, $35

Jane: 097 907 2087. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca