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Telephone solicitation - it happens in Ecuador, too

I don't know about you, but I have been receiving a number of unsolicited telephone solicitations of late. Just because you moved from North America (or wherever) to Cuenca or elsewhere in Ecuador doesn't mean that the practice of telephone solicitation isn't here. . . I can assure you it *is* here. Despite getting an Ecuador based telephone number, you'll get them. . . just give it time.

How to determine if the call is a telephone solicitation:

Just like in the United States, you'll hear in the background the "boiler room" sound effects of scores of people in one room making these same types of calls to others. . . but these are in Spanish. Same sound effect in general, though. Recognizable in no matter what language they speak.

The caller states your full legal name (and how did they get it, I dunno). Then they launch into a sales spiel that is one sided (of course) and moves too quickly (especially for gringo expats typically learning the Spanish language or trying to).

You don't recognize the telephone caller's phone number (cell phone feature) and *you didn't ask them to call you.*

How to deal with unwanted telephone solicitation calls:

My suggestion: say "No gracias" and hang up. I'll admit that in the States I would go so far as to typically just simply hang up. . . these people were/are so rude so as to not treat you with respect. . . after all, it is your telephone service that they are using. Some that seemed to be polite I would say "no thank you" and then hang up. A select few I would turn the tables and talk about a topic *I* wanted to talk about. . . hey, they called me, didn't they? (smile) But, of course, with respect.

Glad I missed all those political robocalls from the June 5 primary election back in the States. . . those calls would never go away and became more frequent as Election Day approached. If I told them I was a Precinct Inspector and busy with preparing our polling place (which I truly was), they ignored me and kept at it with their spiel. If I asked them to delete my telephone number from their calling list, they lied and kept calling me anyways regardless. . . the epitome of disrespect.

Finally, please, dear Gringo Posters. . . don't call me. . . I'll call you. (smile) Hope the above helps the expat community here.

David Cox

City: Cuenca