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"Proof of Life" Form SSA-7162-OCR-SM

It is that time again. Every two years Social Security wants verification of your continued survival. In previous years I have used both FedEx and Correos de Ecuador to return this important document. Big mistake.

FedEx kept my envelope for two days in two different countries. It took at least five days to deliver. Their response was that these are franchises and they are not responsible for their performance.

Correos de Ecuador took my envelope (twice cause I'm a dope) and stapled a piece of paper to it, then shipped it off. I paid for tracking and it never got past Miami. (they stopped my Social Security that year). It seems that, instead of putting it in a cardboard carrier they saved money. The two stapled pieces of paper got separated and Miami had no idea what to do with it.

I have since used DHL; their three-day delivery actually is three days. What I have done in previous years is to combine several of these with my own and have someone in the States mail them. Last time I did this the cost was about $60 total which would be shared among those using the service with me.

Contact me if you are interested. I will be sending this in within about three weeks.

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