GringoPost | Ecuador: I miss my 4-legged best friend; he died of old age, 9 months ago

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I miss my 4-legged best friend; he died of old age, 9 months ago

I am ready to give all my love to another 4-legged love. I need either a long haired small to medium dog or I might consider a cat with very long hair if it is very loving and declawed. For some reason I am allergic to the dander on short haired animals, but not long haired.

Below is my 17 ½-year-old last 4-legged child. We were inseparable his whole life. He was a German Spitz service trained dog to assist me as a hospice volunteer, he lived 1 and a half years beyond his life span, because of excellent care. I am loving and great with animals. I will give my pet a great home and care.

Please be in touch if you have a new love for me, I will adore and care for them with all my heart.
096 795 4732 or send pics and info Please only calls about animals that fit my needs. Long haired/ small to medium dog, preferably housebroken if mature or puppy to train myself from scratch. If a cat, very long-haired and loving, I want a friend, not a snob.

I have an empty lap and spot on my bed. Help me fill it with unconditional love. I will adore my next pet to a ripe old age. You will have found it a great home.

Love and light,

Jan Dynes: 096 795 4732. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca