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Hacking ethically

Warning fact: Two of the most common varieties of malware affecting routers worldwide are VPNFilter and BlackEnergy. These malwares can affect other smart devices as well, i.e.: NAS, IP-Cams, WiFi extenders etc. Unfortunately, Latin American providers don’t protect their consumers with safe connections. Example: Chilean banking systems that have recently lost millions of dollars to hackers. Etapa and Puntonet are currently using routers that can be infected by this malware.

As an ethical professional Russian hacker, I’d like to warn you of how this malware operates.
1. The bot is being implemented into your device’s firmware so regular rebooting of your router will not be effective. This can only be solved through installing a specific “protected” firmware.
2. In order to “mine” your information, such as banking, email, facebook, and personal data, harmful plugins are being installed.
Whether your system is infected or not, it is essential that you protect yourself by using an experienced specialist to install anti-malware software, as well as removing malware if your device(s) are already compromised.

My list of services includes:

1. A thorough diagnostic evaluation of your router.
2. Installing protective firmware on all your devices.
3. Ensuring that your information has not been stolen, and if so,
properly deleted.

Here is a list of routers and model numbers prone to infection, and every day this list is becoming longer:

RT-AC66U; RT-N10; RT-N10E; RT-N10U; RT-N56U; RT-N66U.

DES-1210-08P; DIR-300; DIR-300A; DSR-250N; DSR-500N; DSR-1000; DSR-1000N.


E1200; E2500; E3000; E3200; E4200; RV082; WRVS4400N.

CCR1009; CCR1016; CCR1036; CCR1072; CRS109; CRS112; CRS125; RB411; RB450; RB750; RB911; RB921; RB941; RB951; RB952; RB960; RB962; RB1100; RB1200; RB2011; RB3011; RB Groove; RB Omnitik; STX5.

DG834; DGN1000; DGN2200; DGN3500; FVS318N; MBRN3000; R6400; R7000; R8000; WNR1000; WNR2000; WNR2200; WNR4000; WNDR3700; WNDR4000; WNDR4300; WNDR4300-TN; UTM50.

TS251; TS439 Pro;
Other QNAP NASs working with QTS.

R600VPN; TL-WR741ND; TL-WR841N.



You may contact me at
098 411 7443
References provided upon request.
Thank you for your consideration, Vadim Avdeev

Vadim: .

City: Cuenca