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Damage of cars worse than guns

"Driver in deadly hit-and-run crash says 'accidents happen,' and 'people hit and run people all the time.'"

This from 6/7/18, is strikingly similar to a tragic death on Ordonez Lasso 4 or 5 weeks ago, and the attitude of many of the commenters in a subsequent review in GringoPost. In Cuenca the wife testified there were no cars coming when they stepped off the curb to cross the street as they had many times during several years. This time as the elderly gentleman stepped up onto the high median, he lost his balance, as have others at times. The light turned green east of them and 2 speeders - the first, a hit and run, killed him; the second ran over him. Yet no arrests have been made. A petition collected about 700 signatures submitted to the Governor and Mayor, and we have heard no more about that.

As another commenter wrote about previously, in the US there is an ongoing battle against guns. Yet moving vehicles, here and there, have potential for far greater damage than guns. Guns and vehicles aren't killers, people are by their choices to misuse these potential killers. The driver reported in the Fox News article has an attitude of speeders who assume no responsibility for their choice to drive in a reckless manner. Little if anything has been done about this. Speeders need to be treated as potential killers, more so than those who have gun permits. Pedestrians fear to cross the streets in much of Cuenca, and for good reason. Must they too march in the streets to get action for much needed safety?

(Please, no nasty responses from those who have not been affected directly by these life-shattering, heartless decisions of drivers.)

Myrna L