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Recommendation for Susan Burke March, nutrition consultation/dietary advice

Susan most generally lends her experience and expertise to clients who are looking to either lose weight or, improve the quality of their daily food intake. My situation was a bit different. I needed to gain about 10 pounds.

I've weighed 157 for the last 40+ years but in February of this year, shortly after arriving for my annual 3-month stay in Ecuador, I unexplainably lost almost 10 pounds. I was a bit concerned, but I thought I could just eat more ice cream and Oreos and everything would be alright.

Well, 2 1/2 months later when I weighed in at my favorite Publix back in Sarasota,Fl, and was still 8 pounds under my normal running weight, I emailed Susan. It's only been a month since that first email and I'm back to 156.

Susan tailored a plan that worked. As with any dietary/nutritional makeover, whether you're trying to lose weight, or in my case, gain a few's not easy. You have to commit to the plan and work it. Susan proved to me that even though I'm the one doing the work, having her as a resource, as a teacher, and a positive, you-can-do-this coach, made it so much easier than me goin' it alone.

Thanks Susan

Address: Cuenca

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