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Looking for Wilson Muñoz

I have had several pieces of furniture made by Wilson Muñoz in the past and, in February, I commissioned a set of chairs from him which were to be made in two weeks. Since then, he has been evading my messages or promising to deliver then but then not showing up or answering my calls when I try to reach him. Eventually, he told me the chairs I ordered, and paid 90% for at his urging (he's never let me down before so I trusted him; won't do that again), were sold in his shop by his daughter and he'd make new ones for me.

It's been over 3 months and, after last Saturday when he said he'd bring them (after having promised them 2 Saturdays before and never responded or showed up), he has stopped answering WhatsApp messages and does not answer calls.

Trying to think the best, I thought maybe his phone was stolen because I can see my messages are delivered (Whatsapp shows he's online often too) so I emailed him and asked what was up and I got back a one word email, "hola". Then nada mas.

He used to have a shop on Sucre but we walked by yesterday and it's a restaurant and they say they've been there 9 months. So, if his daughter sold my chairs out of a shop, does anyone know if he's moved to a new shop and where it is so I can try and reach him in person?

His communication has been erratic so I'm concerned about him - he's a nice guy whom I've referred to people in the past (though I won't be doing that anymore) but also, I'd like to either get my chairs or my deposit back and I'm not going to reach him by phone or email, I guess. Any help in locating him would be appreciated.

Please no nasty comments if you don't have any helpful information.

Teresa Hardy: .

City: Cuenca