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Eliminating spiders, fleas and silverfish with salt and fipronil

If you are getting small bites that itch, it could be those small jumping spiders. The spiders and silverfish come in through doors and windows, especially as it is getting colder.

The cure: inexpensive table salt. This will eliminate live fleas as well. Salt is a crystal, and the insects’ legs and bodies get cut and they dehydrate very rapidly.

This may eliminate roaches as well, if not, boric acid powder spread like the salt will do the trick for them. Just put it under shelf paper in the kitchen, and around the edges of the room.

But when fleas or spiders make it into your bedding or clothes, there is also an easy fix.

The old way was washing everything, this is so much easier.

Go to a store that sells paper goods, such as notebooks and school supplies. They sell large sheets of plain newspaper sheets, about 4' wide by 5' long. (not exact) Maybe 50 cents.

From an animal/ pet supply store where they sell flea treatments for dogs, get the one with fipronil as the ingredient. This ingredient will paralyze the insects and they'll die. Inexpensive; good if it comes in a spray bottle. Use cautiously, I use rubber gloves.

Rather than putting the fipronil on the floor or on clothing, put it every 6 inches all over the large sheet of newsprint paper. Let it dry, takes about 5 minutes.

Now you can simply put this on the top layer of bedding and pull it down to the bottom of the bed. Pull down the top cover and do the inside the same way, and each next blanket or sheet. Just passing the paper with the dry drops over the bedding will paralyze anything there.

You probably won't see any dead bugs, they'll just wash or shake out next time you change your bedding. You can pass the paper under the bed, and all around the room, on furniture and over the floors.

You probably can sweep over everything in a room in 10 minutes or less.

I cut strips of the paper to put across doorways and to hang in closets. They seem to be effective for about 4 to 5 days, for any escapee from your efforts.

For closets and clothing, here is what I would do: salt the whole floor and remove items from shelves and salt. the shelves. Put shelf paper down, or this inexpensive paper. Insects like to crawl under the paper, so the salt will last for years to prevent newcomers making a home there.

Salt all around your bed, and on the bar that holds your mattress. (I kept getting bitten in bed, did this, and no more. When I next swept under the bed, there were 2 dead small spiders! That did it!

I have a wooden headboard with about an inch recess right above my mattress. I sprinkle salt there, too, and leave it always. I re-apply after dusting.

I put the drops all over the large sheet of paper and let it dry (5 minutes or so) so drops won't get on clothes. I have the paper open on the bed.

I'd then take each hanger or article from the closet, and put it on the paper, sweep it across the paper, turn the clothing over and do the other side, and hang it back in the closet.

I'd put strips of paper with a drop every 6 inches around the sides of any shelves in the closet. That will get any newcomers for the next 4 to 6 days.

I'd put an inch thick or more sprinkling of salt around all the walls of the apartment, and on windowsills. This will get rid of any silverfish and spiders.

My 3 story house last year was heavily infested with silverfish, and I just left the salt there. This greatly eliminated them after a few months. I still left the salt around because new ones came in. They can go into walls once inside, so leaving the salt around eliminated them over time.

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