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Seeking environmental volunteer position in Cuenca

Hi all,

My name is Julia, I am a twenty-two year old soon-to-be college graduate (as of May 2018) from the States who will be arriving in Cuenca late May, with plans to be there for at least two months, possibly more. I spent last summer in Cuenca, so I know my way around and speak a bit of Spanish, with plans to continue my language studies this summer.

I am interested in doing environmental service/volunteer work in the Cuenca area while I am not in language classes. I have a degree in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology, and I am interested in anything having to do with plants, gardening, sustainable agriculture, environmental sustainability, environmental education, conservation, etc. I am flexible. If I cannot find something directly related to my studies, I am also interested in recommendations for other volunteer opportunities. Please feel free to reach out via email or as a comment here. I am happy to forward my CV and recommendations to any who are interested in the specifics of my experience.

Thanks in advance for your time and comments.

Julia: .

City: Cuenca