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Recommendation for Servicuenca, water leak repair

There was a constant trickling of water coming from an elbow in the area where all the water meters to the building where I live have been placed. It was leaving a small puddle every day, and it was reflecting heavily on my monthly water bill. We called Servicuenca for their assistance and expertise, and they quickly did an evaluation to determine what would be done, and how much it would cost. We basically just had to shut off the water while a rusted old pipe was replaced, along with the elbow. It took Javier, a master handyman with many years of experience, about 3 hours total. Now there is no leak to speak of. Thank you for the great customer service and excellent work. Will definitely be using their services again.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez 858

Contact information: 098 434 8665

Recommended by Rose Greene: