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Recommendation for Elizabeth Farez, responsible housekeeper

Elizabeth or Ely (short named), I´ve personally known her for many years, she has been a housekeeper for 6 years, great worker, honest, positive attitude, trustworthy, cooperative and a very caring person, she cooks and has taken care of kids as well as pets, she gets along really good with people, takes initiative.

She is a student from 5:30 to 10 PM (she´s in her 3rd year of college as administration), age 27, single, no kids of her own, lives with her mom, she´s available to work from Mondays - Fridays (if required Saturday mornings). At this time she takes English classes only on Wednesday from 4-5 which is a requirement from the university Catolica of Cuenca) she is a very independent, responsible, respectful woman.

If you're looking for a good-hearted housekeeper, please consider Ely, she needs the job to pay for her school. She is willing to help with anything and understands a little bit of English. She can use a translator on her phone when necessary.

Best here in Cuenca.

Contact me if you do not speak Spanish so that I can help arrange an interview: 099 526 3344
If you can speak a little of Spanish, contact her directly: 098 252 6736, Ely Farez.

Recommended by Stephany:

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 252 6736

Recommended by Vivian Lopez: 099 526 3344