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Light and Life, free class and tour

Anti-aging—pain control—and the wonderful world of cold lasers.

Low level lasers have been used for nearly 40 years to treat pain, such as osteoarthritis of the hands and knees, to treat diabetic wounds, to treat astronauts and cosmonauts in space, and to enhance sports performance in football, in cycling, and in the Olympics. Body recontouring and cosmetic applications have received much attention from Dr. Oz and on the Today Show.
Plants use chlorophyll to turn the light of the sun into energy for the plant cells. We humans have chromophres inside the mitochondria of our cells that allow us to convert energy from light, (lasers or LEDs) into energy for our cells. Sick cells seek out that light for healing. Healthy cells just ignore the light. For that reason, after over 5000 papers abstracted in PubMed at the National Institute of Health, there are still no reported negative side effects from light therapy.
In the past few years, studies have been done on rats, rabbits, and pigs that demonstrate that a cold laser can stimulate stem cells located in the tibia and that those stem cells are then available for making good new heart and brain cells. The job of our stem cells is to make good new cells to replenish all the cells that die. Most of the cells in our bodies are turned over with new cells every 5 years or so. One definition of aging is that those stem cells become slow and sluggish and just do not make good new cells. This ability of light to stimulate and enhance the capacity of those stem cells has spurred much new research in stimulating stem cells after heart attacks, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, in dementia patients, and even in Parkinson’s and MS patients. This stimulation of stem cells suggests preventive treatment to slow aging. The clinical trials for this preventive treatment will take years. Those trials are difficult to conduct, take many years to evaluate, and are very, very expensive. Many of us will not be around to evaluate the results.
Dr. Alan Woods has extensive experience and training in the use of cold lasers and will conduct a seminar, Light and Life, on the mechanisms of action and the uses of the cold laser on April 11th at La Casa de Mansion de Señor in El Centro at 9-62 Juan Jaramillo y Benigno Malo. Doors open at 1:30 and the class begins at 2 PM. We will also discuss the new periodontal trays for treating gum disease without surgery. The seminar is free and will include a demonstration of cold laser application. For registration email or phone 098 435 3668.

April 11th, from 2 to 4 PM, Free, 9-62 Juan Jaramillo y Begino Malo, Cuenca.
A tour of the restoration of the house of the Arch Bishop of Cuenca is available after the class.
Dr. Alan Woods

Wednesday, April 11 2 to 4 PM, Free, 9-62 Juan Jaramillo y Benigno Malo, Cuenca.

Dr. Alan Woods