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Katie James Trio at Liron Liron

I saw Katie James and her trio (plus 1) perform last night at Rick's American Cafe. I was floored by the quality--not just of the music, most of which consists of Ms. James sophisticated songs, performed by very skilled musicians, including Katie herself--but by the sheer entertainment value beyond the music. Katie is a charming, refreshing presence on the stage, and she clearly loves to perform her very personal, very honest, easy to identify with, sometimes edgy songs.

I'm not affiliated with the group or with Liron Liron in any way. I only wish to say that this was the best music I've heard, and the best music-oriented show I've seen, in many years. The trio will be at Liron Liron Wednesday, April 10. (Today, if this post appears when I hope it does,) starting at 7:30.
I will be there, even though I just saw the same program on Monday, because these young people will only perform again Wednesday, and then I'll have to miss the joy they gave me until they come back--I hope. $5 cover. Enjoy.

April 11, 7:30 show, Liron Liron, Gran Colombia 9-41 | Benigno Malo y Padre Aguirre