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Cuenca University Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, April 26
Museum of the Old Cathedral of Cuenca
8 PM
Free entry

The Symphony Orchestra of the University of Cuenca presents its VI concert of the 2018 season as a tribute to the 461 years of the Spanish foundation of Cuenca, this time with a monographic concert that includes the premiere of three works by Cuenca composers who with their mastery and tenacious work continue to enlarge the local and national pentagram.

The works of the masters Carlos Hernandez, Rafael Saula and Luis Torre Gómez will be part of this concert that, besides paying tribute to the city, fulfills the tasks of dissemination, promotion and support to our present musical heritage and that promote the creation musical in our city.

The suggestive titles of the works are related to the personal vision of each composer with respect to this patrimonial environment called Santa Ana of the Four Rivers of Cuenca, so that the work of Carlos Hernandez under the title of symphonic suite speaks of the great plain such as the sky (Guapondelig), the knives valley (Tomebamba), the puma gate (Pumapungo) and the cañari conquest (Yupanqui), while the work of Rafael Saula aims to describe the traditional septenary festival through symphonic variations on rhythms vernacular tours from Friday to Wednesday through the use of rhythms such as typical air, albazo, sanjuanito, etc. The last work composed of three parts has the title of symphony N1 and is dedicated to Father José Castellvi Queralt mentor of many local composers and manager of the most emblematic musical projects of the city.
April 26, from 8 PM to 9:30 PM, free, Mariscal Sucre, Cuenca, Ecuador, Cuenca.

William Vergara: 099 966 9870. Call after: 1 PM.