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Bone-ito's all-homemade traditional Japanese ramen is finally here

April 18th, high protein, low carb, vegetarian and ramen Wednesday!

It's finally here. We will be offering our all-homemade savory and delicious ramen, featuring homemade alkaline noodles, organic-based soup from our organic beef and chicken bone broth, sliced pork tenderloin or chicken breast, boiled egg, green onion, yellow corn, bean sprouts and carrot! Includes a homemade rayu, or chili oil, to spice as you see fit.
A huge meal for only $6. This is not your regular dorm-room fare. No additives, preservatives or MSG. Just clean food to meet your health and flavor needs.

More items available for Wednesday, delivery.

Vietnamese pork or chicken salad for just $6. Light Asian fare, it focuses on fresh vegetables and seasonings that are naturally low-cal and low-fat.

Mushroom and Garlic Spaghetti, a slew of portobellini mushrooms are sautéed with a mix of olive oil, butter, and lots of garlic to become a rich sauce for simple spaghetti, served with side salad. $6!

Roasted Veggie Wrap served with avocado quinoa salad,
all the veggie goodness in one wrap. $6

Chicken Salad $6
Not your regular chicken salad, olive oil-mayo and herbed chicken breast.

Bone-ito's house salad $4 with grilled chicken $6
Mixed organic greens, sliced apples, tomatoes, onions, walnuts and black olives
in balsamic vinaigrette or creamy garlic dressing.

Mexican rubbed baked chicken breast with salad, guacamole,
fresh salsa and chips. All for just $6!

Grilled cilantro lime chicken breast, served with black bean and rice salad. $6

Must Try!!!
Sweet Pear Cake with thick caramel sauce $2 per slice

Portuguese Wines

Leziria Tinto, Blanco Semiseco or Blanco $10
Planicie...Tinto or Blanco $12
Tinto Terracos de Tejo $17
Vhinho Verde Blanco or Rose $18

Organic Beef or Chicken Bone Broth $10 per Liter

Chinese-style lemon/ginger fried chicken served with broccoli and rice. $7

Southern Fried Chicken with Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Vinegar Cole Slaw and a Biscuit $7

Southern fried shrimp $7
with 8 oz of classic or vinegar coleslaw, fries and a chocolate or key lime pie cup

Meatloaf with gravy $7
with mashed potatoes and walnuts green beans.

Chicken-fried Steak $7
with mashed potatoes and walnuts green beans.
Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast with passion fruit sauce. $7
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, parmesan and ricotta wrapped in bacon served with creamy mashed cauliflower with kale and a side of vinegar coleslaw.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin or Stuffed Chicken Breast $7
stuffed with apple, bacon and walnuts served with sauteed Swiss chard in extra virgin olive oil and honey glazed roasted carrots.


*Fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw and a spicy pickle mayonnaise $6
*Pesto Chicken Sandwich with creamy pesto dressing with mozzarella and tomatoes $6
*Chicken-fried pork tenderloin sliders or Pulled pork sliders $6.
*Roast Beef Sandwich $6
*Chicken Salad Sandwich $6
*All Sandwiches are served with homemade fries, broccoli salad and a keylime or choco pie cup!


Potato Salad $4 a quart
Broccoli Salad $4 a quart
Mashed Potato $4 a quart
Sauteed French Spinach $3 250 grams
Green Beans with walnuts $4 (14oz)
Coleslaw classic or vinegar $2 pint
Spicy Salsa $2 8oz


Shrimp Bisque $3
Miso and Tofu Soup $3
Cream Kale and Potato Soup $3 per pint
Cauliflower Chowder $3 per pint
Chicken Tortilla Soup $3 per pint
Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Chicken Curry Soup) with rice $6
Thai Shrimp Curry Soup with rice $6
Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup) $6
Pho Tai Nam (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) $6

Sweet Treats

Jumbo Muffins $3 (2pcs)
Available in Apple Walnut, Banana Walnut, Zucchini Walnut

Cassava (Yuca, non-dairy) cake $4 serves 4
If you've never had a cassava cake, you're in for a real treat, it's a hearty dessert.

Fried Peach Mango or Apple Pie $3 (2pcs)

Cinnamon Buns with cream cheese frosting $2 per bun

Classic moist and delicious Carrot Cake with creamy cream cheese frosting for $2.

Key Lime Pie Cups or Chocolate Pie Cups $5 (5pcs)

Chocolate Truffles $3
(4 different flavors, orange, amaretto, coffee and mint)

Order by Wednesday 7 AM for 4 PM to 7 PM delivery.

Free delivery in Cuenca for orders of $20 or more and $2 charge for orders below $20.

18th April, Cuenca, Ecuador

Matthew, Debby and James: 096 951 7977