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Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo, ozone therapy treatments

Let me tell you my wonderful “true” story. My name is Evelyn Tarshis, and a couple of months ago, based upon my-rays and MRI I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Which means that my spinal cords were pressing against my nerve and causing me terrible pains when walking. To the point that all I could do when the pain happened was “scream” until it subsided, because I could not move or walk. So my husband and I talked with a doctor who immediately recommended surgery for me with about a two month recovery which included physical therapy. We came home and talked about this surgery and decided that we wanted to contact a doctor that our friend (who at one time had similar problems with his back) had gone to, and after treatments he is back riding his bike in races and enjoying a pain free life. The doctor was Dr. Romo. We went to see him. He reviewed my x- rays and MRI, thoroughly explained what the Ozone Therapy treatments were, and also sent us lots of information about it. After talking with Dr, Romo, and reading all of the information that he sent us, we decided that I should start Ozone Therapy treatments. That was almost two months ago now, I have had fifteen Ozone Therapy treatments and I have not had any of those terrible pains since my third treatment. Wow, what a marvelous treatment this is, and of course Dr. Romo is a very kind, caring person, he explained everything he was doing, and provided me with answers to all my questions. Thanks to Dr.Romo and his excellent expertise, I am now cured and totally pain free. Thank you Dr. Romo. We are currently in process of packing to go to the States for several months to enjoy our family members and friends. So, if you are in pain, perhaps you should contact him? Who knows? Maybe he will be able to do something wonderful for you too. Following is Dr. Romo’s contact Information.

Hoping that you soon enjoy a pain free life.

Address: Santiago Romo,MD, Ave. Paucarbamba 4-117 - Office 202, Edificio centroid de Diagnostico Medical

Contact information: 098 027 2399

Recommended by Evelyn Tarshis: 098 027 2399