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I sell kefir yogurt of Bulgaros of natural and healthy milk

What are they? The Bulgarians, also called "kefir", kephir, milkkefir, Bulgarian bacillus, Bulgarian lactobacillus, are a fermented dairy product of presumably Caucasian origin. From them you get naturally good yogurt and jocoque, among other things. They have been useful for preserving meats. They are colonies of Lactobacillus bulgaricus microagels, that is, conglomerates of lactic bacteria and yeasts symbiotically associated in a matrix of polysaccharides (Ulloa-Lappe, 1993). White or medium yellow, elastic, look like a set of grains of cooked rice. They smell a bit of cheese and jocoque. They are ancestral home crops. Traditionally they are associated with a healthy long life. Preparation Grains washed with clean drinking water, in a glass container - never metal - are added milk, either cow or goat, bronchial or commercial, and the next day you get a real homemade yogurt. Unlike the industrial one, those who have worked in this food industry say, it is "pure fat and sugar". It is best to take yogurt from the Bulgarians accompanied with fruits and cereals, such as melon, strawberries, guava, papaya and amaranth, or granola. A good daily glass is excellent. With a spoonful of honey it is better. The yogurt generated during the first 24 hours is laxative and at 36 hours it is astringent and its taste more acidic. Properties Among its many virtues is that they regenerate and strengthen very efficiently the intestinal flora, help in the digestion and assimilation of food, fortify the digestive system in prevention of bacterial and viral infections. They also support the immune system, perhaps this being their greatest contribution to health. They help against already present infections, fight anemia, liver and kidney problems.

Address: Ricaurte, Cuenca.

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