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SuperMaxi Las Americas - Schullo display

We enjoyed and benefited from certain Schullo organic oat products in the States. Last year we became excited when we noticed some great Schullo sugar-free organic oat products SuperMaxi carries (not all Schullo products are sugar-free but at least it is raw brown sugar for those who wish to consume sugar). The USDA Schullo Avena Organica Rolled Oats is a favorite. More recently we learned of other Schullo products at this store, including marvelous sugar-free "musli" and Salvado de Avena Oat Bran organica. All are delicious, very nutritious, easily prepared and used in many dishes, providing remarkable health benefits according to nutrition literature.

However, the Schullo organic rolled oats are on the very top shelf at this store (I am the heighth of many Ecuadorians) in this store, and the musli my husband so enjoys, is underneath a bottom shelf. I cannot reach the top shelf for the Schullo rolled oats, and in advanced age would not attempt getting on my knees as the stock boy did recently to fetch a couple of packages of the musli. How can we let management know - none of whom speak English and our Spanish is limited for this purpose - we very regular customers need a more accessible display of these foods?

During the past year or two this store has had several employees that spoke perfect English, all of whom have left, were transferred, etc. How can we make management aware of the need to have these products more accessible? The nice store manager is rarely there and does not speak a lick of English even with Gringolandia clientele. (Please no nasty feedback regarding speaking Spanish, etc. We try but at 90 years of age, it is slow going!)

Avid SuperMaxi customer