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Recommendation for Servicuenca, electrical work/repair

I had an issue with the electrical wiring in the house I am renting, where whenever you would flick on the switch, all the lights in the living room would turn on. The same happened in the kitchen and dining room areas. With the permission of the owner, we decided to hire Servicuenca so that they may rewire the lighting in the main areas of the home. This required making a few holes in the ceiling so that they could locate the main wires, and then create extensions in order to have better control and not have all the lights turn on at once. We also added more outlets and updated the light switches as many of them were old and cracked after years of use. The entire project took about 2 days, and now we have a much better distribution and control of the lights in the kitchen, as well as the dining and living rooms. Professional grade work at a very reasonable price.

Address: Gonzales Suarez 858

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