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Recommendation for Le Petit Jardin, restaurant

At the charming Le Petit Jardin, just outside of town on the west side, Chef Giovanni has been creating some of the most wonderful dishes to be had in Cuenca. A beautiful rustic house that feels like a log cabin, is home to Giovanni's elegant, mostly French influenced cuisine.

I took my son Chris, who was visiting from the States and he couldn't get over how great the meal was. He got to taste 4 things he had never had before and loved them all. Frog legs with yucca croquettes, a traditional dish of escargot and Trout Rouladen stuffed with crab meat, garlic, shallots and spinach topped with a creamy shrimp sauce. The dessert was a heavenly dish called café creamette, an almost frozen coffee flavored creamy mouse with an amazing and unique chocolate sauce. My son was not only impressed with the food, service and atmosphere, he also found the prices hard to believe for what you got to enjoy.

Giovanni Cambizaca and his wife Maria Eliza are wonderful hosts and the service is a joy with them both visiting every table to make sure everything is satisfactory. The menu is eclectic French specialties with lots of new specials rotating in the menu weekly. Giovanni shops for the freshest ingredients every Thursday and Friday for the Saturday and Sunday meals, the only two days they are open except for holidays. Send him an email and get on his list. He will send you Fridays, the menu in English and Spanish as well as a map to get there.

Address: Off Ave Ordόñez Lasso and San Miguel de Putushi

Contact information: 096 819 1518

Recommended by Greg Goodwin: