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Recommendation for Dr. Monica Villavicencio, biological dentist

Dr. Monica Villavicencio DDS, is very good technically and additionally she is a biological Dentist... which means she understand the relationship between organs in the body between teeth and other organs. If you are not familiar with biological dentistry take a look at a website (and the teeth-organ chart... scroll down ) of our US Dentist in Az:
Additionally, Dr. Monica, speaks English and, for us, has been an invaluable resource of referrals to local doctors. She knows who is good and practices along line of natural medicine (which is my preference). By far safer way of finding a Dr. by a recommendation of another medical professional vs asking other patients (I nearly died 10 years ago following a recommendation of a patient who liked about the "bedside manner" and technology in a medical office back in CA. Never again: Ask the doctors to refer you!). Office phone number is 07 404 9521. Located in el Vergel area. Office name: BioAgeBioDental

Address: Conrnelio Merchan 5-11 y Carlos R. Vintimilla

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