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Recommendation for Bernan's Homemade, food items

I want to give a huge shout out to Bernie and Nancy Hemingway for their awesome new gluten free goodies. After being on a cruise ship with me for 15 days and hearing me complain how hard it is to find basic things that I can eat, Bernie said I don't get it but will check to see if we can do anything gluten free. Less than 2 weeks after returning he said I want you to check out what I have. Thus began a food feast for me: gluten free corn bread mix, biscuit mix and pancake mix. Wow, was I a happy camper. Then he said I want some cookies so he made oatmeal raisin mix, chocolate chip mix and country style gravy. I have eaten all 24 of the oatmeal raisin cookies, loving every crumb and never experienced one second of discomfort like would have happened if they were not gluten free.

If, like me, you want good gluten free choices, contact Bernie and Nancy.

Address: 18 Rosemary Dr

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