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One of our partners is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company located in Dallas, Texas. Our lead User Interface (UI) programmer is an American and a true "guru" in terms of software development and he just happens to live in Cuenca. The backend team is in Dallas and we are thinking about adding someone to the mix.

The primary tool we are working with is Angular...a Java Script framework...and this would probably be a part-time least in the beginning...but it all depends on the person...their current skill set...their ability to learn and absorb new technology and all the normal questions that none of us could answer right now.

A perfect fit would be another American or English speaker...but Aaron is bi-lingual so not speaking English would not be a deal breaker. In fact, I suspect if the right Ecuadorian came along, this could turn into a full-time job without regard to language...talent would be the key ingredient.

If you want to talk about what we are doing to see if we might be a good match, feel free to email or call. We also might be open to an "entry level" person who is bright, energetic and interested in working with a team of world class programmers that are doing some fairly exciting stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. By the way, location is not important as long as you have a great, hi-speed connection. Our folks are all over the world and it's not a problem. With that in mind, my US number is 214 446 5450 or you can reach me on Skype at steveteltx.


Steve Feuerbacher: 095 927 9375. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca