GringoPost | Ecuador: Looking for Cork's paperback book, "Dogs of Bedlam Farm"

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Looking for Cork's paperback book, "Dogs of Bedlam Farm"

Cork Proctor, who is known to thrust books he loves on friends, now can't remember who he loaned "Dogs of Bedlam Farm" to... and since he is "illiternet" he has asked me to post this.

We are huge border collie fans, having had 2 1/2 (the third dog was only half BC) when we had our little ranchita outside Las Vegas, so Cork is especially emotionally attached to this book.

If you are the person he loaned it to last, could you call him on his cell, 096 941 1026, and make arrangements to hook up for coffee and return "Dogs of Bedlam Farm"?

(As an OCDC person, he's driving me crazy wondering out loud who he last loaned the book to. Please put me out of my misery!)

Carolyn V Hamilton: 096 941 1026. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca