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Blockchain/Crypto/Dist Ledger (BCD) meetup announcement

This is an update and general announcement for the group of people that met last month about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized ledger technology. To shorten the terminology, I have come up with the acronym "BCD Meetup" for our group.

As we all decided last month that we wanted to have another meeting that would be a working type of meeting so people can begin speculating, I have been trying to find a suitable space that is free or next to free and offers internet. (This is proving to be next to impossible, and most restaurants/cafes do not offer sufficient internet bandwidth for a working meeting.) I thought I had found a good place last week, and because they are new they said they were willing to let us use their location “at cost”, and were sure they would have their space ready this week. However, it did not happen and it turned out they wanted $100. We are still negotiating, but I will continue looking. I do have a lead on another potential space as of this announcement. If anyone should know of another place, please share here, or email me at

Any location we do use will most likely require a per person fee for access to the internet and desks and chairs. I am trying to keep it at cost, with a little extra for the owner, on the promise that I would share their info often as a GP recommendation, but I have found there are not many places that offer what we need, and if they do the rental charge is high. What I am hoping to find is a place that could charge around $5 per person, or less, with no required minimum. As I don't know how many people will actually show up, I am negotiating for a per person fee, rather than a one set fee to use a space. I hope this will be worth it for all those that asked for our next meeting to be a working type of meeting, and if I do happen to find a place for around that cost, many of you will still show up. Please share your comments and opinions about this below.

No matter what happens, I am planning another meeting next week. I am shooting for Feb 8th or 9th, from 3-5 again, TBD. Hopefully, I will find a tech-ready place so we can all bring our own laptops and hook up to some high-speed internet to get several people actually going with the nuts and bolts. I hope many of you have been doing your homework and a lot of reading, so we can each share some of our own ideas on good companies to deal with to do our speculating and good companies to speculate on.

If I do not find a suitable place, we will just meet at another restaurant/cafe again (though a quieter one!), which will preclude an internet-connected meeting but we can still share all the nuts and bolts websites, ideas and conversation.

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing many of you again.

TBD: Thursday, February 8 or Friday, February 9th, TBD, Cuenca.