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If it's possible, Bellgenica gets worse by the day! I went to their office today to try again to submit a claim only to be told that claims could not be filed today as their computer system wasn't working. So, another wasted 2 hours of my time after wasting nearly 6 hours chasing down additional paperwork Bellgenica told me I needed when I attempted to file a claim last week. According to Bellgenica's own paperwork showing documents needed for reimbursements, there is no requirement for electronic facturas for medications (prescriptions), yet, when I went to file my claims I was told that I needed electronic facturas for all my prescriptions. Obtaining these electronic facturas is very difficult to do and very time consuming. I'm thinking the government needs to investigate Bellgenica for the scam that it is and repeal the law requiring only non-ecuadorian residents to obtain health insurance.

Timothy Murphy: 098 094 9415. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca