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Bellgenica: cancelled my membership

This morning I submitted my written Cancellation Notice (Spanish Language) inside the Cuenca office of Bellgenica Health Insurance, listing terrible customer service as my reason. I also submitted my membership card, cut in half. When I asked any of the three women at the front desk to sign my acknowledgement of receipt, they ignored my request five times. They repeatedly demanded I give them my Cédula and I refused, saying that my identification was listed on the letter (Cédula, name, membership number, address, telephone and email address, etc.) but they still demanded my Cédula or passport. When I complained of their terrible service, one said “It’s not our fault” (oh, really?). This is the same company which gave me a refund check of $5.48 (that’s five dollars and forty-eight cents) which bounced at their bank when I tried to cash it. The teller said: “They have no money in their account.” I want to thank all of you who shared your complaints about Bellgenica. I thought I was the only unsatisfied client, with bad luck or karma, but it seems there are a lot of other equally frustrated clients.

Bartley Dalfonso