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Service at Mt. Sinai

Recently my US doc wanted to verify my blood oxygen with a RBC (red blood cell count) after sometime on a new sleep apnea unit not functioning properly. I went to Mt. Sinai lab where I usually go for blood draws because they have small needles for flat, small veins, and waits are always short. But they did not know this test by this name and I didn't know the Spanish name.

I left the lab and went to the nice, young hospital receptionist nearby the lab to see if she might help me. Of course she did not have that info either but she called a hematologist there who told her. Rather than just telling me or writing down "hemograma", this very helpful young genius (Gabriela?) called the lab and spoke directly with the proper party in Spanish to be certain I got what I needed. I could have hugged her! This is exceptional service that could even save a life and I so very much appreciate. What a jewel.