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Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo, sports medicine

There have been a lot of great recommendations for Dr. Santiago Romo on GringoPost and I wanted to add another one. I am 48 years old and very athletic. I trained for an Ironman last year and during my training, I had a weight training accident during my training that I think caused some disc problems in my lower back where I could barely get out of bed for two days. The pain disappeared within two weeks and I was able to complete the Ironman without any issues, other than a bout with IT Band Syndrome in my left knee that I experienced during the race.

About a month after the Ironman, I competed in a shorter triathlon and the day after the race, my entire left leg was numb. I thought that it probably had something to do with the IT Band syndrome as it was the same leg. The numbness in my leg hadn’t decreased for a few weeks and after seeing a recommendation, I contacted Dr. Romo for a diagnosis. Within a few minutes, he suspected that I had a herniated disc that was also causing pain in my sciatic nerve, leading to the numbness in my leg. He ordered an MRI the next day and the MRI confirmed that I had a herniated a disc (L5-S1) and two bulging discs. We began the ozone treatment for the injured discs and after 12 sessions, the pain in my back was gone and the numbness in my leg had disappeared. A follow-up MRI revealed that my disc is still herniated, but I am pain-free and have resumed all normal activities and exercising, with some caution any time I lift anything. I’m going to continue the ozone treatment as needed to reinforce the discs in my spine. I'm certainly thankful that I have been able to resume all of my normal activities without any pain.

Address: Edificio Centro de Diagnostico Medico, Ave Paucarbamba 4-117, Office #202

Contact information: 098 027 2399

Recommended by Paul Amos: