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Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

Visas: if you are in the US and want to move to Ecuador, you can always contact me.
I will send you all the information you need to make the visa so easy. Contact me directly and you will see how fast and easy it is to get your temporary residency in Ecuador.

There is so much speculation on the expats web sites and Facebook. All you need to do is to relax and get a person like me who has experience and knows all the rules, and who does not make you pay a big amount of money. Don’t throw your money away paying expensive Lawyers who only want your money and want you to pay gringo prices.

Extensions (now easier than ever), transfer visas, temporary and permanent resident visas for Ecuador and other countries. Hard cases are my specialty. I have fixed many visas that others have screwed up.

• Professional, Pensioner, or Investment visas are always the best option. For the Professional Visa, I register your diploma in Senescyt for any professional degree. For Visa or for work reasons.
I have had More than 120 temporary and permanent visas approved so far. None were rejected.

• Are you ready to be a citizen? I can get you citizenship quickly and less painfully than what everybody says. I have 3 citizenships I am working on now. All the clients are happy because they will get their citizenship soon.

To do all this you don't need a lawyer. You only need a person with good experience and knowledge of what to do.

Now I have a legal advice for anyone who needs it.
I have a very smart lawyer in town working with me. We offer these services:

• Translation, Notarization, Apostilled Ecuadorian documents, Power of attorney

• Real Estate and legalization papers for buying and selling a property. Be careful before you buy properties. Make sure all papers are legal and don't forget to register the property.

• Rental contracts or legal problems or any issues are now taken care of easier and faster.

• Wills and Ultimate After life plans

Office now at Gran Colombia and Miguel Velez (By appointment only)

Monica Gonzaga: 098 384 1691.(Whatsapp)