GringoPost | Ecuador: La Primavera organic dairy products at Sunrise Cafe today

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La Primavera organic dairy products at Sunrise Cafe today

Taste our new addition to La Primavera products - Queso Fresco and Queso Maduro cheese. Queso fresco or “fresh cheese” is the quintessence of Ecuadorian cheese, it is a soft, moist, curd-style fresh cheese that’s bright, creamy, and pleasantly milky. It's used as a crumbled or cubed topping to balance out the flavors in rich and spicy dishes.
Queso Maduro or an Ecuadorian version of the feta cheese is pressed, and of a firmer consistency and tighter grain than feta. It's not meant to be eaten sliced and fresh. Very salty, this cheese was created with the intention of flavoring beans, rice, etc. in a country where cheese used to cost less than salt. La Primavera organic cheese is priced at $3.50- $4/pound.

We also offer a wide selection of La Primavera organic yogurts - plain, passion fruit, mango, coconut, peach, strawberry, blackberry/mora, naranjilla, and guanabana. They have everything you love about yogurts – real ingredients, authentic taste, and billions of live probiotics! La Primavera organic yogurts are priced at $3.50/liter.

Please come and see us at Sunrise Café (Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo) Today/Jan 5 from 9 AM to 3 PM. All these dairy products are also available every day during the opening hours of the Cafe.

Ada and Stella: