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Heavenly beef shanks, Osso Buco – Joes’ Secret Garden

This Saturday's dinner club selection ...
Beef shanks are popular in many European cuisines, but it’s in osso buco, the northern Italian classic, that they can be at their most heavenly. And Joes’ Secret Garden brings them to Cuenca … braised in a sophisticated and subtle tomato and vegetable sauce, then finished with a bright gremolata (fresh parsley, lemon zest, and garlic), But few dishes are more seductive. Like most braises, they require slow, gentle cooking.

In this menu, Osso Buco is paired with its classic accompaniment, creamy polenta with a touch of cabernet sauce. The meal starts with a gorgeous salad of winter greens, sweet beets, oranges and avocado in our special apple vinaigrette. Dinner ends with an irresistible sweet-tart lime pie bar, Ecuadorian coffee and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Tea, of course.
A memorable dinner evening ….
By reservation only at

Saturday, January 13th. Cocktails and conversation from 5 PM when the salon, garden and bar opens; time to mingle and meet. Dinner follows about 6:30. Address at time of reservation or ask your cab driver. Most know where we are.

Ken and KP: