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Get on board: dōTerra Essential Oils are coming to Ecuador

Ecuadorians + Expats:

One huge, exciting announcement for us all: dōTerra, the #1 essential oil company in the world, is opening their market *in Ecuador* very, very soon. It's scheduled to launch in March, 2018.

What this means:

All of you will be able to get your dōTerra products delivered to your door (shipping from Quito). They sell the best oils in the world, supplements, probiotics, natural beauty products, and more.

How to get started?

Come and buy your starter kit (starting at $150) and we'll get you set up with your dōTERRA membership so you can be a part of this amazing launch in Ecuador. If you can't attend the meeting, I can assist you separately as well. With a membership, you'll be able to get 25% off all your future products.

Now this part is optional but highly recommended:

You'll be able to make commissions if you'd like to share the products with others! I say why not? It's so wonderful to add some extra income and abundance and purpose to your life (with a flexible schedule). And ideally you could make at least enough to buy your own products. Also, it's truly such a wonderful way to meet other people and create something meaningful together here in Ecuador. For anyone feeling alone here or low or like they are lacking in community, this is truly a great option. Not to mention, the financial opportunity will be *huge* for those on the ground floor especially as more and more people begin buying their doTerra products right here in Ecuador.

Now is the time to make a commitment to your health:

Wellness is where it's at day in and day out. There is *nothing* better than a lifestyle centered in taking care of the body, staying on track with health, and using natural products to support your vitality.

Come and join us.

I'll be hosting one more meeting to discuss all things dōTerra. I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it truly was a great opportunity for those looking for something more - for those wanting to elevate your health and your life.

This meeting will be focused on both the usage of dōTerra + building a business with dōTerra, depending on what the group would like to hear about.

Also: why dōTerra instead of Young Living?

I know this question comes up a lot. And there is one huge difference that sets dōTerra apart and has made their company have more sales worldwide than YL. dōTerra sources their oils from around the world, wherever the plant is indigenous. This way the oils have the *highest potency possible*! This matters a lot when working with oils for medicinal purposes. I love, love using what the earth offers us to heal our bodies and support our health - and I love working with a company that I can trust implicitly.

Love to all and wishing greater health for each and every one,


P.S. Please reserve for the gathering by sending an email,

January 20, Saturday, 1:30 PM, reservations required, Sunrise Cafė, Calle Larga 9-38