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Blockchain/Crypto/Decentralized Ledger Tech (BCD) meeting

I would like to thank the 30+ people who showed up for our first BCD meeting last Friday. About 10 people could not make it, and in hindsight that was probably a good thing. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to personally greet, or meet, all of you, due to a few hiccups with the sudden necessary change of venue, and not being able to hear so well in the new venue. In spite of it all, most felt it turned out to be an interesting and fun meeting.

We all agreed that we would like to meet every three weeks, and that our next meeting will be an actual working meeting, so more of you can begin to learn and get more familiar with the websites which will allow you to dip your toe into this new and exciting game changer technology.

In the meanwhile, if anyone knows of a place that might accommodate 20-40 people, and possibly allow us to use wifi and large screen TV, please let me know.

In the next week or two, I will make another GP announcement with the exact details of the next meeting, hopefully to be held in late January. We have a lot to share and learn together.

Cheers to new friendships and our new group,


Jan 30/31 or Feb 1/2 (To be determined), free, Cuenca.