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Bellgenica meeting summary

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay, I did not publish this before because I was waiting upon the confirmation on some dates for the new changes that are going to happen in Bellgenica.

I wanted to thank all of our clients that took the time to assist the meeting, and I hope that with this summary everyone who didn’t assist will be informed of this valuable information.

Please take into consideration that these are words directly from the speech given by the owner of the company.

Opinions comments and suggestions are well received. Please, lets avoid negative comments. I am just giving out important information on the matter.

Bellgenica from 2016 to 2017, has been like many other Ecuadorian companies, on growing especially with the new change in law that went through on the past year that obligated foreigners to have health insurance.
The motive of the meeting was held to explain the current status of the company, and to clarify the rumors that have been going around in the last month or so. The company has been going through drastic changes in its administration, Bellgenica was not ready for the growth it had.
The following information was taken from the speech given by the owner of the company Fabian Quilumba.

When will the reimbursement checks be given out?
The administrative department is solving all issues that the company had, due to a fraud within the administrative department in Quito, all the necessary actions were taken, people were fired and competent people were hired. The checks will start to be given out, within this month. Our clients will be called to come pick up their reimbursements.

Why is it so difficult to get through to customer service?
The company had an enormous growth within the last couple of months, Bellgenica Cuenca was not ready for this sudden change and had to hire more personnel in order to satisfy our customer’s needs, as we can see this is not enough, reason why the company has invested in hiring a company that specializes in customer service, scheduling doctor’s appointments, questions and information, this customer service team will be available 24/7. This system will be implemented by the end of February.

How are my prescriptions going to be handled?
The company is opening a pharmacy that will work directly with Bellgenica. This will allow our clients to cover their prescriptions faster and without much paperwork. This pharmacy will be located in Bellgenica’s main office on Miguel Cordero and Cornelio Merchan. The pharmacy will open its doors on February.

Why is the company behind in reimbursement checks?
A person close to the company did something that we never thought would happen, making the company stumble a little in these last 3 months. Bellgenica is now out of the hole and ready to start this 2018 with new personnel, new implemented systems and a pharmacy. The problem with the company is administrative, not financial.

Lack of communication!
One of the main problems that will be handled this year with more care is the communication between the company and our clients. Newsletters will be sent via email periodically with news and updates.

In network Hospitals
In this month all problems with in network hospitals will be handled, Monte Sinai is again on our network so this will not be a problem.

For more information or questions, please email me.

Katherine Fajardo: