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2 beloved puppies

We’re in love with these dogs. They’ve become a part of our family. But, due to circumstances, we’ve had to change our plans and now can’t take them home with us to the States. We leave in March. Please help us out.

6-months-old this month. Vet estimated that they should be medium sized mixed breed dogs.

Potty trained.

Keep in mind that they are teething puppies, so puppy proofing the house and yard is still a must with these two.

Training: With voice and hand cues, they “sit”, leave their food until told “ok”, “laydown”, “roll over”, “come”, learning to “leave it” or “drop it”, they jump “up” on the bed and “off” when told to. The male is learning to fetch, the female isn’t too interested. They have a bit of separation anxiety, but we’re working on that as we leash train them. Both puppies were raised so far and trained around many children and wheelchairs because we live and work at an orphanage. They are used to being fenced in.

They both have all their shots and the male has been neutered. We will pay to have the female spayed as well.

Don’t let the crazy names scare you! Ñaño (the male) is Quechua for Brother and Niskua (the female) is Kuna (indigenous language of Panama) for Star. They respond to these names but I’m sure they’re smart enough to learn new names if needed.

Being separated may be a very good thing for these puppies to avoid separation anxiety and to bond with their new family. Take one or both.

Female’s Personality: she’s very loving. She’s so good and patient at bath time. She’s a bit of a barker (although we’re trying to discourage that). She’s kennel trained at night because she has the rare accident at night. She loves to play and cuddle. She likes to lay on her back and in contorted positions with the cutest innocent face. She loves squeaker toys.

Male’s Personality: he’s a people dog. He must be around you whether in the kitchen or in bed at night. You coming home to him will be the best part of his day. He loves playing. He’s bell trained to go outside and come back in. His favorite toy is an empty water bottle on a tile floor.

(The joint picture attached is a couple months old. The other photos are recent.)

Sasha: 098 299 4302. Call after: 8 AM.