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Recommendation for The Libia Experience, herbal massage

Libia’s cards say she offers massage, but that is misleading, because Libia is actually a healer. She grew up in the Oriente and even as a small child knew which plants were good for what. Plus, she healed herself from cancer.

Libia came to my house yesterday to give me the full treatment, lugging a full backpack and roller suitcase with creams, scrubs and lotions she prepared that morning from fresh, all-natural ingredients. She sat me on a stool in my shower and put a cool, soothing mixture on my face and neck, massaging as she went. Libia didn’t miss any part of my body: my head and hair (special stuff for hair and oh, those stimulating fingers!), scrub on arms, legs, belly, back, hands, feet. You know how good a mild itch feels when you scratch it? My feet and calves went into bliss while Libia tended even my toes. My whole body, which suffers from thickened blood and poor circulation, tingled from Libia’s brisk, firm touch and my skin slurped up the nutrients that covered me from head to toe.

Even after I showered, my body was both enlivened and relaxed by the combination of all over, stimulating massage and nutritious potions. Then to the bedroom, where I laid on Libia’s towels so she could spread more soothing potions and perform more stimulating massage on face, scalp, entire body, in total two hours of transformational therapy.

Did you know that our bodies have acupressure points in our ears, hands and feet? That means that stimulation of those places services all our internal organs. Trust me. Libia’s work on ears, hands and feet reached made all my insides happy campers.

I felt like the Queen of Sheba in my palace receiving the ministrations of the High Healer of the Realm. This morning I am relaxed and stimulated, ready for this day. Tomorrow morning Libia and I will look at foods to help thin my blood and then go ingredient shopping and prepare some of the dishes. This time last year I was recovering from extreme joint and mobility pain. To feel this good again gives me my life back. It is totally worth the investment in taking care of myself. I urge you to give Libia a chance to help you feel and look better, too. Schedule right away, before she gets too busy. This is a great way to care for yourself during the season of holiday socializing and stresses.

Aging is a privilege that is easier to enjoy when we feel good.

Address: Comes to your home

Contact information: 099 233 1000

Recommended by Barbara Snow: