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Recommendation for JungleGym Cuenca, gym and yoga

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for this holiday season, I recommend giving yourself and your loved ones the gift of a healthier, fitter you with a membership at JungleGym. I’ve tried some local gyms but nothing motivated me all that much and a couple were downright creepy and overcrowded. When I found out my friends Todd and Rachel were opening up a gym in El Centro, I was thrilled. I’d exercised with Todd before in the park when he was doing free band workouts and I liked his energy and personality, plus the exercises were fun. And Rachel was one of the first people who reached out to me when I arrived in Cuenca and you will not find a nicer person. These two are a really positive addition to this already amazing city.

As soon as they opened, I joined and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the classes offered, plus the gym has such a positive, friendly vibe to it. Not to mention an incredible mural from local artist on the wall.

What I love most about JungleGym

1. The workouts are never boring. Challenging, yes, but Todd and Rachel mix it up to keep it fun and interesting. I never know exactly what to expect and I like that.

2. They pay attention to the special needs of their clients. Not everyone can do every exercise due to injuries or other physical limitations. Todd and Rachel help their clients modify to make sure they don’t get injured but still reap the benefits of the workouts.

3. They listen to their clients and are constantly adjusting and fine-tuning their business to suit them.

For example, when they opened 3 months ago, there were fewer options of how to pay, but they noticed some clients wanted to come more often or less, and they adapted their plans to suit everyone’s desires and budgets. I switched to a different plan when it was offered and I couldn’t be happier with it. For a new business, learning your market takes time and experience and I love how they listen, learn and keep making it better.

Another example is they’ll add class times to suit different people’s schedules if there is a demand. They added some night boxing classes for a group of friends who wanted to work out but had day jobs.

4. The gym has become a community. I frequent the same classes and have made new friendships and I see other people doing the same. Groups of friends meet up for classes and there is always lots of laughter and good camaraderie among everyone. It’s a community made of those who are all intent on self-improvement and being active and healthy, positive people.

5. It’s inclusive. All age ranges, fitness levels, and capabilities can be found here. The vibe really is that no one is trying to be better than anyone else, they’re all just trying to be better than they were yesterday. We all encourage each other in this endeavor.

6. It’s worth it. In the US, I go to the YMCA, which was one of the most expensive gyms in town but it was always worth it to me because it had a different, more special feeling to it - a sense of community - that 24 hour fitness just couldn’t match. I feel this way about JungleGym too - it might not be the cheapest place to work out in town, but you get so much more than just a place to sweat.

7. They play great music - and they take requests! I’ve even brought my own playlist and they let me be DJ one day.

8. Probably the most important thing is: I’m seeing results. I’d gotten out of shape with a couple of years of travel. I had no routine and I was not happy with my fitness level and how my body looked/felt. My self-confidence is going up as I’m fitting in my clothes better and just have lots more energy - plus I sleep much better!

Right now you can sign up a friend for half price when you sign up, too. You get your friend a deal and someone to work out with/motivate you. Win/win.

And that was quite the loquacious review but I can’t tell you how much I’m glad they exist and that they motivate me every day to work hard and keep seeing improvements.

See you there in 2018.

Address: Calle Larga 9-46 between Padre Aguirre y Benigno Malo

Contact information: +593 (​0)99 813 5212

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