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Recommendation for Diane Johnson, CDE, Diabetes educator

We had the pleasure of meeting with Diane this past week, to discuss community resources for diabetics. I've been unable to get specific information related to my personal treatment regimen, so Diane provided me a wealth of contacts to get prices on various insulins, syringes, pens, and prescriptions. I was able to recruit our interpreter yesterday and we traveled to several Cuenca sites, made cost comparisons, and found the specific products I need, with reasonable prices, to continue multiple injection therapy. Diane knows the ins and outs of the Cuenca medical options and willingly shares those in a very user-friendly way. She speaks and reads Spanish, which helps a lot, since we don't. I would strongly recommend using her services for that type of community information and for working on glucose/food planning/carbohydrates and other related issues that keep diabetics awake at night and searching for useful solutions that lengthen lives.

Address: Expat Nutrition, Cuenca

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