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Packing 'service' at SuperMercado

I'm writing to share my experience of poor packing service at a local supermercado, which I will not name because the libel laws here are very strict and do not allow for free speech.

Today I went to shop and spent over $50. Quite a big shop for over here. I waited in line for around 5 minutes and then the cashier started to put my items through.

I waited and watched patiently for the packing staff to arrive as my items stacked up in a pile. There were other customers waiting in line and I didn't want to hold anybody up, but the packing server did not arrive in time.

I put my payment through and waited but still, nobody came. I was getting frustrated so I said to the cashier that he needed to ask for someone to help, but he didn't seem to understand English.

I stood there waiting and watching as the cashier then proceeded to pack my bags, which was embarrassing because there were several people now waiting in line and still I had nobody to help.

There were other people there in supermarket uniforms but they were not helping. I then had three bags which I had to carry myself to my taxi. A family at another cashier did have a packer though. Why?

Needless to say, I did not leave a tip on this occasion. On the previous occasion I left 50ȼ, or a generous 13% of my purchase.

Does anyone have similarly poor experiences with this Ecuadorian 'service’? At these prices I don’t expect to have to do this myself. I would think that they would like more people coming and spending this kind of money.

Gyorgyi Norris: .

City: Cuenca