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Meetup to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Would anyone like to meet up to discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? I would like to commune with anyone who understands it, and even those that don't. This is the world's next historical, social, political and financial revolution. It's a game changer, history in the making -- even bigger than the printing press, the steam engine, and possibly even the internet. It is in the process of making banking and financial institutions obsolete. It will cut out all the fat and corruption within governments, the legal and monetary system. It will level the playing field for just about every business and service and put trust back into the world. No more third parties necessary for just about any transaction you can imagine. How you ask? By moving from centralized systems to decentralized systems. What this means is that people will have more security, control, and freedom in their businesses and in their personal life.

If this excites you as much as it does me, let's get together for some coffee, a beer, or a glass of wine. Please contact me via email. Hasta pronto.