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Global Wellness Ecuador

You are invited to hear about a breakthrough product that is bringing in positive testimonials with clients here in Ecuador with the following ailments:

• Diabetes - Insulin doses dropping (some being totally eliminated)
• High Blood Pressure - Medications dropping (some being totally eliminated)
• Joint and Pain Problems - Some being greatly reduced and in some cases pain fully eliminated
• Psoriasis - Some being greatly reduced and in some cases fully eliminated
• Depression and Brain Fog - Most noticing improvements in these areas within the first week of being on the product
• Insomnia - Most people on the product have improved sleep within the first week of being on the product
• Bipolar - A 10-year-old boy has eliminated most his bipolar symptoms being on the product
• Autoimmune Diseases (Fibromyalgia, Lupus, etc) - Many have had symptoms greatly reduced
• Fatigue/Low Energy - Most who take the product notice increased energy levels in the first week of being on the product
This product contains a precursor called riboceine (the company holds 38 patents on), which activates our liver to produce something we are all deficient in called glutathione. Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant that is present in every cell of the body. Glutationes job is threefold:

1. To defend our cells
2. To cleanse our cells
3. To support and rejuvenate our cells
Due to the fact our glutathione production starts to drop at the age of 20, combined with the fact that our world is full of toxins, our bodies are breaking down way faster than they should. Low glutathione levels have a lot to do with the fact our bodies do not have the ability to repair themselves and stave off toxins, pathogens and invaders. The list of ailments and conditions that increased levels of Glutathione helps is pages long.

Glutathione is a supplement that many companies sell. But unfortunately, glutathione when ingested is killed in the stomach acid before it gets to the small intestines where it can enter the bloodstream. Cellgevity has solved the problem by creating a precursor to Glutathione called riboceine, which easily passes through the stomach acid so that it can get to the blood and activate the liver to increase it's glutathione production to higher levels naturally.
The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sanitation has given full approval of consumption and sale here in Ecuador. As of the writing of this email, there are owners of hospitals, doctors, therapists, pharmacies recently jumping on board.
Richard Lortie has a personal testimony that will blow your mind as he had 4 knee surgeries and was told by multiple doctors he would need a full knee replacement in the next 18 months. You are invited to a presentation by Richard Lortie for an amazing story of how CELLGEVITY supported his body to heal his knee back to normal.

If you would like to watch a 4 min video overview, click on the following link and then click the first video offered entitled "Max Science"
For you diehard researchers:
1. I have attached a Glutathione Fact Sheet
2. There are over 130,000 scientific studies and articles recorded on Pub Med, that research the important role and function that glutathione plays in the body. To read some of these scientific studies go to the following link:

• Reserve - For logistics purposes if you are planning on coming if you could please reply to this email letting me know. I would be grateful.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who would like to come and find out more.

Saturday, December 2st, from noon, free, Av. Aurelio Aguilar 2-97 y Federico ProaƱo, Cuenca.

Richard Lortie: 098 475 7094. Call after: 9 AM.