GringoPost | Ecuador: Did you know? You can save $$ with SuperMaxi App Coupons?

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Did you know? You can save $$ with SuperMaxi App Coupons?

Hello Everyone,

I was told about the SuperMaxi app coupons about a month ago. I tried it and it works. Who wouldn't want to save some $$? So here are the details. Hopefully by now you have a SuperMaxi shopping card which you can get at SuperMaxi customer desk. With your SuperMaxi card you can save 10% off of all meat products that you buy every Friday. I have 5 dogs so it's pretty big savings for me personally when I go shopping for meat about every 3 weeks to SuperMaxi. I buy ground beef in the red plastic tube, costs a bit over $5 per tube. Buying 10 of those saves me right away over $5. At home I cook some rice with carrots, broccoli and other veggies and mix it with the raw or browned ground beef. That's one of my dog's favorite dishes. It's healthy too. My little Chihuahua, Chiquita will be 18 years old coming March, my poodle Sami will be 17 in January. I also have 3 others but they are younger. Oooops, I got off subject, sorry.

On other days of the week you can save on other items with the SuperMaxi card, not sure though what and when? Maybe someone here can fill us in please?

So, back to the app. Go to Googleplay in your cellphone, enter "SuperMaxi" and download their app. This is how it looks:

Before you can start saving you have to register. If I remember well you have to enter your name and your cedula number, or, your SuperMaxi card number. It will take a day or two for the registration to complete.

After that you can browse all the coupons in the comfort of your home. Once you decided what you want to buy from their list, all you have to do is click on "Agregar" under the item picture. The app will move that item to "Mis Cupones" (my coupons). Now go to SuperMaxi and put the chosen items into your shopping basket. At the register all you have to do is hand your SuperMaxi card to the checkout person. All chosen coupons are now in your SuperMaxi card, no coupon clipping necessary. Isn't that great?

You will be able to save nicely with this app, many items are priced down 25%, 30%. I absolutely love it and hope you will too.

PS: If you have difficulty to download the app or not sure how to fill it out, don't be shy, go to the SuperMaxi customer service desk and they will be happy to help you.

Wishing everybody a very merry Christmas.

Erika Keira: .

City: Cuenca