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Concert of Tribute to Luis Humberto Salgado

The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca under the baton of Master Michael Meissner, Conductor, presents its IX Concert of the II Season 2017 in homage to the great Ecuadorian composer Luis Humberto Salgado in the 40th Anniversary Luctuoso in which the premiere will be held in Cuenca of his Symphony No. 4 and the Piano Concerto No. 1 and the world premiere of "El Cajas", concert for Andean instruments and orchestra by the Ecuadorian composer Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo. The leading Ecuadorian musicians participate as Guest Soloists: Alex Alarcón Fabre (Piano), Alexis Zapata (Pan Flute), Luis Guevara (Charango), Milton Castañeda (Quena). We are waiting for you this Friday, December 8 at the Pumapungo theater at 8 PM. The entrance is free.

Concert for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 "The Consecration of the Virgins of the Sun" - Luis Humberto Salgado. Composed in 1942, it is a concert that recalls that programmatic music aims to evoke ideas or extra-musical images in the listener's mind. Luis Humberto Salgado also titles this concert as an Aboriginal Legend in three scenes, and the titles used for each part of the movements encourage the listener to first imagine a story from the Acllahuasi, which in Quechua means house of the chosen ones. It was the place where the women destined to the service of the Inca or the Sun God Inti lived, as the second movement of song and dance of the virgins, and finally the feast of the consecration of the Intihuasi or Temple of the Sun through a liturgical ceremony and ritual dance. Salgado explores in this work the politonalismo in conjunction with the pentafonía, as well as, the use of the Ecuadorian genres Sanjuanito, Yaraví and Albazo. The concert has a cyclical form, in this way synthesizes the different musical elements of the first and second movement in the final movement.

El Cajas, concert for Andean instruments and orchestra - Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo. It seeks to portray musically diverse places of El Cajas such as Llaviucu, Luspa and Cerro Yanahurco lagoons. It is a tribute of the composer to these beautiful landscapes that have received him as a son, it is also a gratitude to the people of Cuenca through what he does best, composing.

The mixture of sonorities and their dialogues are attractive, since there is not much music of this style in which western and Andean instruments are combined. It maintains scholastic structures, like the alternation of moved and slow movements, but clear local colors are evident that identify the origin of this music. This genesis is in the magnificence of the landscape of this region, in the cliffs, in the cliffs and in the crystalline waters that irrigate that piece of paradise. (Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo-Compositor)

Ecuadorean Symphony No. 4 - Luis Humberto Salgado This great musician composed 10 symphonies. The fourth symphony called Ecuadoriana in D major consists of four movements, and shows the composer already at a stage of greater maturity in terms of orchestration and timbre handling. His compositional language is called the same Neodiatonism with the inclusion of twelve-tone series, to this is added the handling of vernacular rhythms such as Sanjuanito and the transformation of other traditional elements. The compositional mastery includes details such as the presentation of the initial theme followed by a retrogradation, that is, in reverse order of the sequence of notes, without the listener being able to even realize it. In general, the fourth symphony is festive, cheerful, even playful and captivating since his first audition. The name "Ecuatoriana" refers to "belonging to Ecuador", as obvious as the other works that Luis Humberto Salgado has left us. (Alex Alarcón Fabre)

As always we wish all of you to enjoy together the passion for music.